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Spirit of 9-11 “Let's Roll!” 

ハイジャック犯に立ち向かった乗客の最後の声”Lets Roll !” 米空軍隊長機エンブレム   にがうり

September 11th, 2001, Terrorist used civilian airliners to attack America. On one aircraft, the passengers realized they were being used as human bombs. They decided to stop the hijackers at all costs. One of the passengers last words were "Let's Roll.. ". All the passengers on that aircraft perished, but the terrorists were unable to complete their mission. We will remember them as heroes.
                                               Let's Roll 或る行動を始める

2002/5/5 岩国基地 OA-10A 80-217
2002/8/25 横田基地 F-16C
2002/8/255 横田基地 F-15C
2002/8/25 横田基地 C-130
2002/9/8 三沢基地 KC-135